Najm the marketing consultant

My name is Najm & I'm your digital marketing consultant

You want:

More Leads
More Clients
A solid Brand

I use my own time as a digital marketing consultant to build an ROI driven marketing machine that keeps bringing customers.

Najm Consultant with brands that you trust

prothom alo cramstack southtech as my client
brainstation 23 sheba cutoutwiz as my client
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Problems you are facing in your small or mid-size business

No marketing team

Not enough leads

No systematic process in marketing

No team measurable KPIs to follow

A website that sucks!

No connection between marketing and sales

Business goals you want to achieve with Najm Consultant

LOTS of leads. So much that production can’t handle

Data & tools to measure customer growth

A website that keeps bringing in new clients

Marketing automation to save cost

The connection between marketing & sales

Digital marketing consulting

Investing my own time

I work with you every week for hours to help you build the marketing department you always wanted. I do it by executing strategic marketing that attract, educate, and then convert your target customers.

Marketing Consultant looking at Analytics

Small Company Friendly

08   Hours


Good for marketing strategy. Founders work with me.

20   Hours


Best for focusing on 1 product and building 1 marketing funnel for your business.

Mid-size Company Friendly

40   Hours


Outbound marketing at its best. Target, acquire & repeat.

80   Hours


Complete marketing Solution. I’m your on-demand CMO and more.

Benefits of hiring Najm as your digital marketing consultant

Will do anything that has to do with bring you more customers.


Generate Leads

Sales pipeline filled with leads. I mean sales qualified leads.

Marketing Strategy

Execution & Strategy

Not just digital marketing strategy. Execution as well.

marketing team

In-house Team

Establish your own in-house marketing team.

What self-aware founders like you know you need

Someone to lead your marketing. Set it up. Get it going.

A systematic process to generate leads every month.

These companies understood the real meaning of "growth" when they worked with me.

"Najm consultant made my marketing team. He built us an ecosystem and that ecosystem never stopped generating leads."
- Raisul Kabir
Founder & CEO, Brainstation23
"I call him 'The Complete Package'. From pitching to product development, even in critical business decisions, Najm made both Sheba and me a better workforce."
- Adnan Imtiaz Halim
Founder & CEO, Sheba.xyz
"He is the guy who knows where you want to go, and he will take you there through digital marketing."
- Ramin Jahedi
CEO, Optictour Google Agency
"The campaigns worked really well on the global marketplaces. Najm has the intention of getting things done. "
- Kowser Nirob
Founder, CutOutWiz

Najm - Meet your digital marketing consultant

education of a marketing consultant

I am a digital marketing consultant with a proven track record in doubling customers. I have been working with businesses like yours for the last 13+ years and I work diligently to learn how to get more customers.

Ex-CMO of a 240+ employee company
Ex-CEO of a digital marketing company for 3 years
Ex UX Designer of enterprise-level apps & websites
HubSpot certified digital marketing consultant