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Everyone thinks marketing is the ultimate sustainability of any business. But then again I’d like to ask you the question. We’re consistently promoting ourselves, our products, our services. But take a moment and think would you survive without having any B2C or B2B lead generation ideas after promotion? 

The answer is very simple, and it is NO. So it’s not only marketing but also marketing with proper leads which makes a business sustainable. 

In 2020, most of the business has tapped the digital button. And they have been consistently trying to penetrate the unconventional sector for their business purpose. Now take a moment and ask yourself. Would you love to make leads without investing 0 amount of money in your marketing?

Yes, you heard me right. 0 amount of money it is to create leads for you. In this blog, I’d try to share my insight and experiences. Hopefully, it would guide you to make leads by following some basic instructions only.

Before jumping into the guidelines, let’s have a look at how we’re going to go through:

  1. Optimizing outbound connection in social media
  2. Upgrading Contents
  3. Tapping Unconventional Sectors
  4. Don’t keep the visitors in the decision paralysis
  5. Speaking at the industry events
  6. Being influential in terms of Marketing

1. Optimizing outbound connection in social media 

First of all, B2C or B2B lead generation ideas do not embed in any textbook or phone directory. Today you’ve uploaded your picture in social media, and you get 50 reactions. It doesn’t mean only 50 people have seen or interacted with that. There can be other potential people who can get themselves engaged. In terms of business, if you’re adjusting yourself within one platform, then it may turn out to be a great threat for you when it is going through the offseason. 

Most of the digital marketing expert’s advice to optimize different audiences on different social media platforms. Instagram is more likely to be used by young people, and young influencers also dominate this platform. On the other hand, Pinterest is seemed to be for the creative people who are more into aesthetic arts and all. LinkedIn is a professional platform for the people who’re trying to connect with different sorts of industry professionals. Through LinkedIn, they can learn to a greater extent. And Facebook is more likely to be that social media platform with varying types of interest groups. And it’s quite different from region to region and country to country. 

If you run the same types of campaigns and use the same types of content in all the platforms, then it will make your targeted group much shorter. But if you spin off a little bit in all these social media platforms – then you would be able to tap more consumers with variations, and they can prove to be your lead shortly.

b2b lead generation ideas
Top Social Medias

If you want to make your business sustainable, then from time to time, you have to pivot with your ideas, strategies, and your TG too. So, always keep optimizing outbound connections in your list for your B2C or B2B lead generation ideas. 

2. Upgrading content 

Content is the ultimate future of marketing. We all know, modern marketing is consistently changing from time to time. For keeping up with the trend, marketers are switching channels and trying their best possible way to grab the attention of their consumers. But within all these processes, one thing that remains the king that got no alternative. And that is content.

Nowadays, content marketing is being done mostly through digital media. Starting from Facebook to YouTube, we get to see varieties of content. For saying an example, even having so many alternatives in terms of product – Coca-cola drinks and beverages have been the market leader for a long time. Still, when it comes to a fancy sports car – we think of Lamborghini.

Content creation is undoubtedly one of the best ways in the list of B2C or B2B lead generation ideas. People are now going for the materials which are more entertaining, more knowledgeable, and more relatable. Even if you take a look at the start-up trends, then you can see those start-ups grow faster who uses better content for their marketing purpose. Not only start-ups but also top brands are doing these to make them sustainable. 

The reason behind the lead generation via content is because of the upgraded sensation of life-style facilities, technologies, and the education that are helping people to go for the better option. If you want to grow fast and tend to invest 0 amount of money – then upgrading content should one of the core priorities for your business. 

3. Tapping unconventional contents 

Original contents are those contents that bring out of the box thought from you to grab everyone’s attention and relate your business with its daily doings. The rule of content marketing has been how much you make it simple and more accessible for people to understand the need for their product. To complement the product’s services and other stuff, marketers are now more into bringing trendy and unique content. And guess what? That requires 0 investment apart from your time.

Here’s an example of original content. You can see, with some natural materials, the visual is made, but then again, the creativity of this visual content was too appreciated. Just like this, there is always room for making something better. It’s believed that – out of the box content enhances the consumer mindset faster than anything else.

Everyone can have discount offers and other facilities. But the creativity of the content genuinely attracts the potential consumers who can turn into loyal customers for any product/services. And the best part of bringing original content is it all requires your creativity and doesn’t have to have any investment in it. Most of the creative content is seemed to get popular within a short period, which brings more reach and return.

So make sure, while you’re running a campaign – have different out of the box content ready because if the content’s creativity is appreciated back in mind, then it would result in bringing new leads for your business/services with 0 investment in it. 

4. Don’t keep the visitors in decision paralysis.

In most cases, it seems, people in business believe that they’re one step ahead of the others. But actually, the reality appears to be much more different than it should have been. It’s not only you who is doing business. There are some people who are on the same page with you. They also intend to grab the attention of people. 

So having so many options – people will go for the platforms which they seemed to rely on at the first go. In that type of case, it all needs a little push. You can also say it’s more like a push strategy to drive people into your platform and have something uncommon that can they rely on, and at least that can they check before moving toward any other option. 

The more you’ll help them to come out of their decision paralysis, the more you will have traffic. As a result, you will have more lead generations without spending any money.  

If you keep your visitors in a dilemma, then you will lose potential leads that you can ever have. And if your push strategy works, then there’s a high amount of chance – your consumers will speak for your product/services to others. 

So, don’t take a chance. Push your visitors and get them out of the dilemma, and by just not doing it – you will have one more plus point in your list of B2C or B2B lead generation ideas.

5. Speaking at industry events 

Here’s the thing, if you keep sharing your knowledge in the social media and website channels only, then you know – not everyone will be able to relate with you. It’s been said that human is more interactive and responsive when the contact or the experience seemed to be in physical form. 

Think of it in this way, even after having all the information in Google, did you always browse information? NO, because if it was like that, then you didn’t require any formal education or to pursue any degree. We all love things done physically more. 

So in case, you keep up with the trends and good knowledge about the industry where you work in – you should be sharing out with others more. Industry events are the best place to do so. In this case, your expertise also matters that how much it can convince people. But the result will surely turn into great if you’re good enough in communication. 

By speaking and sharing knowledge in the industry events, you can generate many leads for your businesses. That would result in a greater good for your growth. It will create an excellent image for you in front of others. Later on, they’ll reach you to have your services, which ultimately results in generating leads without any investment. 

So, keep speaking at industry events as one of the 0 investment based B2C or B2B lead generation ideas. 

6. Being influential in terms of marketing 

Now, in every market – there has always been some intense competition. Even if any monopoly player plays an exchange, then even in that case, they had to be more influential. It will help them to have such a position in that market. 

So, always have your unique selling proposition ready, which you believe in driving other people to purchase services from you. If you can influence absurd mindsets and bring some changes in people’s behavior, then yes – it would be one of the most effective B2C or B2B lead generation ideas that you can apply in your business. You should also be aware of the reason behind B2B lead generation failure.

You need to be more influential with facts and logic whenever you’re selling your product to others. There’s a term called impulse purchase, which means purchasing a product by seeing other people doing it. These kinds of investments are done for influencing people. Your activities will make them feel the necessity and ask for having something which adds value to their demand. 

And that’s how you’d be able to generate leads without investing 0 amount of money. 

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