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Digital Marketing Tools you need to adopt in 2020

5 Digital Marketing Tools you need to adopt in 2021

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When it comes to marketing – we start thinking about colorful billboards, mobile vans, television commercials, and whatnot. But you know I’d like to add a little bit to this concept. In this blog, we’re going to have a look at the top 5 tools, which will be the ultimate digital marketing tools in 2021. 

To me, marketing has not ever been just about creating demand and fulfilling people’s value. Marketing also means multitudinous exploration of mediums that entertains, educates, and finally helps people to discover. But unfortunately, we’re still stuck in the traditional guidelines.

5 best tools for content marketing

To you, right now, I have got a question.

Will your next-generation to consider marketing as making television commercial, colorful billboards, and posters only? If you think about 15 years ago when we got introduced to digital marketing – it was all about the email and Google ad marketing only. 

Over time, we started switching the mediums, and slowly, we’re getting toward more precise and micro mediums, which is doing the ultimate job of fulfilling our demand.

If you want to build yourself as a marketer, then this blog is for you. We’re going to have a look at all those tools which are going to make our marketing way more effective in the upcoming 2021. So, without making any further delay, let’s have a look at top rated five digital marketing tools of 2021 that are going to make the boom in your business onwards. 


It has got different sorts of integration features. Above all, Including salesforce.com, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, and many more.

Hubspot CRM

It includes some third-party services which derivates the clients like different templates and extensions. Hubspot also offers consulting services. Currently, one of the offerings that are more popular among marketers is inbound marketing. The certification of the academic courses holds substantial value for the people who’re looking forward to being a marketer onwards. 

How’s Hubspot to everyone?

Hubspot aims to provide all services in one platform. It’s been simplified and unique among professionals and undergrads from a different educational background. According to many tech reviews, Hubspot is the best marketing solution. It combines many micro and macro tools in one place. For having a user-friendly interface for everyone and a call to action tool, it has gained mass popularity among people.

Most of the local and global companies are now encouraging their employees to pursue different courses from Hubspot Academy. Many marketing executives seem to still lag behind. That’s why Hubspot has got some more exciting facts and facilities to have people on board.

Hubspot is a freemium service with useful insights, no customization limits, and live chat features with BOT. For better customer service experience – Hubspot is seeking to lead the next generation of marketers for managing most of the services via one platform. 

Hubspot sales tool you can try for free

In terms of developing your sales, Hubspot has been educating a considerable number of sales executives in different industries to have sales tools available, which will help them to pull out their tasks. It would consistently portray your growth as a sales executive, as well as will keep you at ease with the variation of built-in sales tools.

Starting from email templates, snippets, meetings, prospects, sequences, documents, and email tracking tools – Hubspot almost left no stone unturned to make it for a long way. 

So without any doubt, Hubspot should be one of the foremost priorities in digital marketing tools 2021.

Hubspot is one of the Five Best Digital Marketing Tools of 2020 in marketing


Grammarly is a tool for digital writing using artificial intelligence and natural language processes. The algorithm of Grammarly includes machine learning and deep learning. This tool offers grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism checking services. The best part of Grammarly is that it comes with clarity, concision, vocabulary, delivery style. 

grammerly for content marketing

Core services:

It automatically detects potential grammar mistakes, spelling, punctuation, styles, and phrases for any sentence. Grammarly offers paid and free versions; however, the paid version detects more advanced level mistakes in writings like web blogs, webinars, short articles. 

Grammarly software is not just available on PC but also on mobile phones. It runs on both Android and IOS versions. Grammarly can be activated on different web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. For installing the program and using it – there’s a Grammarly extension which can be found via chrome extension search engine. 

The premium services of Grammarly can be accessed in exchange for a monthly or yearly payment. The paid version is mostly used for content and web writing so that they can deliver write up with the proper lucrativeness.

Additional Feature: 

One more additional feature about Grammarly is – it tells you about how you’ve been doing with your essays, blogs, and articles. It points out an individual’s weak sides in terms of writing and portrays the sectors that he/she should work. 

Grammarly for content marketing

As a result, it’s been possible for more people to come over and improve their expertise in the writing segment, even after having several significant mistakes. So, when it comes to writing in online platforms, Grammarly is going to hold the first place in digital marketing tools of 2021.

Convert Pro

Convert Pro is a lead generation tool for WordPress. With this particular tool, you can have emails, and you can grow your email list. It has got various features such as drag and drop builder, different sorts of opt-in form, mobile editor, advanced triggers, device detection, Google Analytics Integration, page-level targeting, Referral detection, AdBlock detection, and many more.  

convert pro for email marketing

The drag and drop feature makes the opt-in form easier for which there’s no hassle of typing lines of codes. With the mobile editor – anyone can take a look at how the opt-in form looks via mobile phones. Not only that, anyone can even edit it without going back and forth now and then. This feature saves much time for the editor. 

Usability of Convert Pro:

Convert plugin has got different types of templates built-in, which are ready to use. All these professional templates are able to increase the conversion rate. Even the models tweak easily, which makes the website look the way you want. The cloud technology is also something that differentiates Convert Pro from the others. If you install this plugin on your website, then all the templates will be automatically stored in your server, and you can install and use whatever models you want. This feature is uncommon among all the lead generation plugins.

There are different sorts of advanced triggers that Convert Pro offers more often in their plugin. It gives a person full control over the website of the timing of the message. This triggers tracks activity and timing of a lead on the website and helps to understand the responsiveness of the WordPress website.

Convert Pro also offers the A/B testing. In this plugin, you get to have various sorts of opt-in forms inserted and test which one is going to perform much better. The A/B testing runs on the basis of templates, messages, designs, and even for the opt-in forms to have a glance at the better performing one.

To target the audience in a specific manner, Convert Pro comes up with different kinds of advanced filters. These filters will help to increase the conversion rate. 

The advanced filters offered by Convert Pro:

Page-Level Targeting, Referrer Detection, Device Detection, New vs. Old visitors, Cookie Control and Logged in users

Convert Pro has also got a very professional way to portray real-time analytics. It’s integrated with Google Analytics. With these analytics, you can track your impressions, conversions, and conversion rate in the convert pro dashboard. It also provides better statistics with the idea and transformation to improve A/B testing.

In 2019, Convert Pro has been named as the best plugin for lead generation. Almost every WordPress based E-commerce websites use this tool to grow their emails. In terms of pricing, it’s also much more cost-efficient and worthy. On the other hand, other plugins like Thrive and OptinMonster has got recurring pricing, which seems much more expensive than Convert Pro.

So, comparing in terms of facility, pricing, features, and performance – Convert Pro should be keeping up with lead generation as one of the top-rated digital marketing tools of 2021. 

Five Best Digital Marketing Tools


Tidio is going to take the lead in digital marketing tools of 2021 for conversational marketing. It’s a live chat service that can be functioned by chatbots. The purpose of this plugin is to ease the communication process with the customers. This plugin was specially designed for WordPress websites. If you look into the features, you’d be amazed. 

tidio chat for conversational marketing

Usability and Flexibility:

It has got a straightforward installation process as a plugin. Since chatbots can operate it, customers can have 24/7 service, which helps to generate more leads. It keeps track of who’s visiting the website and from which page they started chatting with you. You can connect with any customer via Tidio. Moreover, it supports 183 languages as well as 21 pre-translated language packs. It keeps giving a heads up to the customers if there’s any new product. Even if it’s email, Facebook chat, or messenger – you can operate all this through Tidio only. It has also got a freemium plan so anyone can try it out. 

Review on Tidio:

According to Google Play store reviews, Tidio has been a popular plugin. As per the reports of 2019, Tidio has been one of the most user-friendly plugins with an easy installation process. The design and documents are said to be well organized and articulated. The automation process of Tidio has been smoother than most of the similar plugins. 

With the ultimate success from the reviewers’ end, Tidio is now pronouncing to be one of the best customer services medium that any business can ever have so far. Comparing the services of this plugin with the price seems to be very reasonable. Besides, it has got a 7-day free trial version, and the subscription is only 15 Dollars a month, which looks very cost-efficient. Even tech-savvies are highly preferring Tidio over other chatbots for communication services for the customers. It’s predicted to be better functioned shortly. 

So for a great service marketing boom, Tidio should be in your priority list as one of the digital marketing tools of 2021. 

Tidio as digital marketing tools in 2021


Features and Usability:

Ahrefs is an SEO Analysis tool for websites. It has got a very vast usage in the digital marketing arena. Some of the core activities done via Ahrefs are audit reports, bank link analysis, URL ranking, competitive analysis, and many more.

ahrefs for seo marketing

Besides, Ahrefs provides results in numerical figures. It has got different sorts of metrics to analyze and deliver the results for any website. Two of the most core usage are for keyword research or analysis and website rankings. It provides a qualitative report for every organic search report. Through Ahrefs, you can check out the traffic of the website very quickly. 

Additional benefits:

Ahrefs is also known for its core and in-depth research in digital marketing tools. Mainly, it’s one of the most proficient tasks to research the SEO bank links of any website. In the first place, it was thought that it would be a regular SEO tool-based platform. The Ahrefs Keyword research tool provides a competitive keyword research analysis.

Ahrefs has also got an important feature, which is the content explorer, where you can set the content strategy. You get to list the fashionable and trendy content and also invite the best freelance writers to cover your topics. Till now, Ahrefs has crawled over 5 Billion web pages, 16 trillion known links, 170 Million root domains.  

Ahref as digital marketing tools in 2020

So if you want to have the best SEO tool, Ahrefs is one of those digital marketing tools 2021 that you should be looking for.  

The next decade is going to bring us more crazy challenges. So make sure you’re ready too to ace them with the best weapons. Now it’s for you to know and your audience to find out how you’re going to utilize the digital marketing tools.

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