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Ultimate Facebook Advertising Strategy

The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Strategy to follow in 2021

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If you’re a digital marketing enthusiast, then you must have been familiar with Facebook Paid Ad Marketing. Understanding and utilizing Facebook Ads have been a must for any social media marketing strategy.

Two years ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced providing an ample amount of organic followers on Facebook. Before the announcement, the natural audience got deducted by 20%. But after the report, 34% of the Facebook organic reach was deducted. In such a case, Facebook Paid Ad is the only way to convey content toward the mass audience. 

Paid ads are certainly one of the best ways to engaging and converting people into your consumers. But it’s not that easy to promote your products just by paying for the Ads. Instead, it comes with more questions. How’s the reach of the contents? What’s the duration of each Facebook Ad? Is the conversion rate is positive? Is the ROI positive? 

Keeping all the questions in mind, here I am offering you an ultimate guideline on Facebook Paid Ad Marketing. But before jumping into the topic, have a look at how you should go through the blog: 

Neat & Clean Creative 

According to research from eBay, back in 2011, the right image can increase your ROI and attract clicks. Even in some cases, you can predict the CTR. Some components determine whether the CTR would increase or decrease. Now there are a few basic things that you need to follow; otherwise, it would lead to failure. 

  • Featuring the company’s logo instead of product 

It’s one of the severe mistakes done in E-commerce. First of all, no one is here to look out how good you are with your marketing and sales team. Everyone cares about your product only. 

Since most of us are good at building a brand, that’s why we neglected important terms like conversion, ROI, and so many more till now. But if you want to have more leads, then start by selling your product over the company logo. 

  • Humanize your ads

Try to incorporate people into your advertisement. According to the research, most of the audience put their trust in ads because of other human involvement. It gives them a sense of acknowledgment regarding the product or services. 

  • Avoid Blue and White color for the ad 

You know, Mark Zuckerberg is color blind. That’s why he used Blue and the White color for building the Facebook Platform. After 14 years, these colors are now branding Facebook. And it went to such level that we can not even think of any other platform apart Facebook. 

Now, if you use the same color for your advertisement, then the audience would not be able to notice it specifically. So use colors which are different from Blue and White in terms of shade and contrast. 

  • Advertisement picture size

The advertisement pictures should have a perfect size. Otherwise, it may turn into cropping any particular part of the film. As a result, the visuals after then will have an impact on the audience’s response.

Neat and clean creative visualizations are an essential part of Facebook Paid Ad Marketing. So, if you want to have conversions instead of massive reaches, make your creatives better onwards. 

The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Strategy 2

Multi-Product Ads 

A multi-product ad means displaying multiple products/services within a single post. For example – if you have a plasticware business, you can show different types of used plastics in a separate post. It will help the consumer to know about all the services at the first go. Multi-Product ads are one of the best Facebook Paid Ad Marketing strategies for Your E-Commerce Business. 

If you’re operating an E-commerce Business with multiple numbers of products/services, then you should use them into the adverts. It gives various alternatives to consumers. You can check on the audience’s behavior pattern. Multiple products help you to increase conversion. 

According to the discovery of Adobe – Multi-product ads have a chance to increase CTR from 50% to 300%. It can also reduce 35% of the cost per click of the advertisements. It’s always much more efficient in terms of cost per acquisition. 

Apart from that, multi-product advertisements will show you which products are the consumers preferring more. Using that, you can always have a scope for doing product development onwards. It can accurately show the benefits of single products to the customers. 

Now, this has been trending on the Facebook platform for a while. Since it’s very interactive and intriguing, you can always make the most out of it. 

The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Strategy to follow in 2020 1

Just think about the contents where you have got the most number of traffics. And again think about the materials that haven’t been for you. Not all the content will have the same amount of response and conversions. On the other hand, you can not be sure about the ROI of any new content for your product or services. 

In such a case, you can promote your most appreciated content on Facebook. It will help you to generate reaches for your Facebook page as well as gives you a chance to take try new material. 

Your accessible content gives you the chance to have a new customer acquisition. It’s one of the safest strategies for Facebook Paid Ad Marketing. 

Always Have Discount Offers 

Remember, your sales sustainability depends on the incentives that you’re offering. There has been a paradigm shift in the modern trade. But still, the traditional business holds people’s faith. So in spite of having the best quality, you can’t guarantee your sales onwards. 

That’s why professional E-commerce businessmen suggest having a discount offer on any product. But you must have a discount at a particular time. 

Just for saying an example, you can look into the ride-sharing companies like Uber, Pathao, Obhai, Shohoz. Imagine if there wasn’t any promo code then how you would have reacted. Most of the people would have diverted to the Taxies and Auto-Rickshaws. But because of having a discount, these companies were able to emerge and grow. 

The Ultimate Facebook Advertising 3

Using Triggering Words

You need to use all those words and phrases that grab people’s attention. And by meaning words and phrases, I mean the ones which trigger a human mindset. The terms and phrases have to be robust and relevant to the content. I’d like to suggest you incorporating words that contain a sense of urgency. 

Those words are: 

  • Buy Now 
  • Limited Edition 
  • Offer Expires
  • Don’t miss out 
  • Act now 
  • Deadline 
  • One last chance  
  • Get Directions

Upselling to Present Customers

“Upselling” is a process of selling products to the previous buyers. For example, Sheba.XYZ is one of the emerging household service providers companies in Bangladesh. It has got several services like house cleaning, driving, technical mitigations and so on. They post their contents regarding all products in a single post through Multi-Product ads. Now this gives the consumer a chance of seeing additional services. 

You can always boost your business sales and have a high return on the investment on the money you spent on Facebook Paid Ad Marketing. 

Earlier, most of the businesses tried to make money through collecting emails or contact numbers of previous consumers. But you know, the same principle goes for Facebook? 

Yes, the consumer who has already purchased a product from has got more trust you than any other salesperson. You can always retarget those consumers. It will give you a chance to display additional products. 65% of businesses make their sales from existing customers. 

Adding a Call to Action Button 

Now here’s the thing. You have invested your money. It’s not only for creating Awareness and spreading word of mouth. The success of your Facebook Paid Ad Marketing depends on how good you’re having leads and generating sales. 

So, always have your call to action button ready in your paid posts. Since paid jobs can reach out to more people, so it’s obvious to have more sales from the ads if you add a call to action button in it. 

Facebook offers nine types of CTA buttons. Those are: 

  • Shop Now 
  • Book Now 
  • Learn More 
  • Sign Up 
  • Download 
  • Watch More 
  • Apply Now 
  • Donate Now 
  • Get Direction
  • Contact us 
Advertising Strategy to follow in 2020 6

You have to make sure the button you choose is relevant to your campaign goal, content, and the audience you’re targeting. 

It shouldn’t be repetitive; instead, it should be maintaining a perfect proportion. Otherwise, it may end up confusing your consumers, and it will lessen the chance of a purchase. 

Follow The AIDA model 

AIDA model which stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. In terms of Facebook Paid Ad Marketing – you have to make sure about these four things in your paid promoted content. 

First of all, Awareness means grabbing the attention of your target audience in your paid ads. As I’ve said earlier, the design has to be very neat and clean so that it can quickly grab the attention of the audience. 

Secondly, in the Interest segment, your audience is supposed to show interest in the benefits of the products/services. It should encourage the buyer to research your products/services. 

Thirdly, Desire means after researching your products/services, the buyer should want it rather than liking it only. They should feel the necessity of the product in their lives. 

Finally, Action is moving the buyer from wanting to purchase your product/services. And that would be followed by interacting with the company and making the purchase. 

So, if you’re about to run a Facebook Paid Ad Marketing campaign, then ensure these four elements in your ads.  

The Ultimate Facebook for AIDA MODEL

Have Facebook Pixel for your website 

Having Facebook Pixel will help you out more than enough in terms of Facebook Paid Ad Marketing. Through Facebook Pixel, you can directly target your customers. It also helps you to find new customers for your business. Pixel can easily optimize the ads for those people who’re likely to visit your website and purchase products. It also helps you to understand the sales and revenue generated from your paid ads.  

Now the question is how you’re going to use it? So, here’s a guideline for you. 

First of all, login Facebook and then look out for the event manager option. After that, go to the pixel tab and create a pixel. Now you have to add the pixel on your website. 

Now the question is how you’re going to Shopify. Yes, even there, I’ve got something for you.

– Go to the event managers

– Move to the pixel section 

– Set up the pixel 

– Click “tag manager.” 

– Click “Shopify” 

– Enter your pixel ID 

– Paste your pixel ID in the Facebook Pixel segment 

– Save it

Now you’re good to go. 

Facebook Pixel

Always Look for Lookalike Audience 

A lookalike audience refers to those group of people who keeps the same characteristics and interests as your existing audience. To identify your lookalike audience, you should have at least seven hundred people’s information. The more accurate information is, the better conversion you get onwards. 

Since your consumers/audiences have got similar interests and characteristics, it’s evident for your lookalike audience to like your products and services. And this gives you an excellent chance to track and convert them into your consumer. 

Lookalike audience also provides you the advantage in terms of content creation. You don’t need to pivot from your content strategy as well as it’s easier for you to personalize content and involve them within your platform. 

Through personalization, you get an 89% uplift on Facebook Platform. So, you can see how efficient it is in terms of your Facebook Paid Ad Marketing. 

Apart from that, it’s easier for you to expand your consumer base. Even the CTR also increases as well as cost per click also decreases just for having a lookalike audience. The Facebook algorithm is meant to track down people with similar interests and reach out to them for you. 

Now, it’s up to you how and where you are going to spend your money. The more simple consumer base you make for your Facebook business, the more it will bring you leads.

Lookalike Audience

Running General Retargeting Campaigns

You know approximately 72% of the visitors leave the website without making any purchase. Without having any retargeting campaign, only 8% of them will come to purchase your products/services. 

You may think you’re failing as a marketer. But actually, you’re not. Yes, there may be one or two things that are not helping the visitors to purchase products. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be in your consumer base in the future. 

All you have to do is to retarget them again. According to a report, about 26% of visitors purchase in the first place after retargeting. After retargeting, there’s a 70% possibility of the abandoners to buy your platform. 

Even the average click-through rate is ten times higher than the standard display we get to see on Facebook. 

Now, this was a small attempt from my end to refurbish your Facebook Paid Ad Marketing concept for your E-commerce business. Now it’s your time to act upon the guidelines and generate leads, sales, and revenue for your business. 

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