Facebook marketing Strategies to get organic traffic

24 Facebook marketing Strategies to get organic traffic in 2023

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Facebook Marketing Strategy is not something new to us. With the introduction of social media for the first time – we were able to unleash a new segment of marketing, which we call today as digital marketing. This digital marketing term has been evolved from time to time through different social media platforms. 

Even though having tons of social media platforms on the web, Facebook has been the most popular one for having approximately 2.45 Billion users. Every social media platform has got its uniqueness, but Facebook is like all in one. 

From time to time, the trends keep on changing, and with that, so do Facebook. Back in 2018 – Founder & CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they would reduce organic reach on branded content that is published in different Facebook pages. In 2017, already 20% of the Facebook organic reach had been deducted. After the announcement, approximately 34% of the organic reach got deducted. 

People considered that Facebook is never going to give the organic reaches in the same way. But actually, there are still ways to generate massive organic reaches. And even in 2023, Facebook would still work as the best social media platform in terms of the biggest and easily accessible market for generating engagements. 

In this blog, we’ll go through some core Facebook marketing strategies which are going to generate massive organic reach and engagement for us in 2023. 

1. Make a custom cover photo describing your motto.

You may think a Facebook cover photo is just another feature in your timeline. Most of us put importance on other things more comparatively. But give a think in this way. A new user – who doesn’t even know about your product or services will not have a look at your content. They’ll ultimately judge you with the first thing they notice about you. 

In this case, your cover photo plays a much more significant role than you think. Make sure whatever you put in your cover photo is reflecting your brand’s moto and creates a good impression in the first place. That would surely derivate your Facebook marketing strategy. 

Facebook Cover Photo

2. Upload a unique profile picture resonating with your brand.

In most cases, the social media manager puts the logo of the brand as the profile picture of the Facebook page. But actually, you should not just put your logo only as of the profile picture. It should have a uniqueness that catches the user’s attention. 

So, take a note on putting something unique as the profile picture of your brand if your Facebook marketing strategy is for generating organic reaches. 

Facebook profile picture

3. Fillup the ABOUT section carefully. 

The about section is an underrated part that can help you out for making organic reaches. It plays a much more significant role, and this part is not for the audience. 

By filling up the ABOUT section – Facebook Algorithm recognizes your targeted audience and try to engage or reach those people who can turn out to be a potential customer of your brand.

The ABOUT section of Facebook

Always make sure you have linked your website and Instagram account with your Facebook page. It enhances the possibility of the customers to take action. It’s not only for generating reaches but also for making leads. 

After inputting/linking your website and Instagram account, you have to put the privacy as public so that it can appear while someone is going through your Facebook page.  

5. Use user-friendly and engaging words while filling up Company Overview and Your Story section.

Whenever you’re filling up the about section of your Facebook page, don’t be too artistic in terms of choosing words. Use simple words that the user can easily understand. Apart from that, use those words which is much more known among the users rather than using complicated words. 

6. Post every day. I repeat every day. 

Trust me on this; no Facebook marketing strategy can work much better in the long run if you don’t post everyday. Now you may think you’re posting consistently for 3-4 days only, and the result is not according to your expectations. But actually, this strategy should be followed for a long term purpose. 

If you keep posting consistently for 200-300 days, then the Facebook Algorithm recognizes you and tries to connect your Facebook page with the relevant users and gain a maximum number of reach. 

post on facebook everyday

7. Make a content routine. Try seven types of content topics for seven days. 

Since seven days make a week, you should keep that in your mind. You need to post seven different content for seven days. Now there’s no exact format or exact pattern of content to follow. It depends on your product/service that you’re offering on the Facebook page.

But you need to make sure the content pattern is different from one to another. It can be like quotes, problems, the solution to the problem, industry facts, market trends. 

8. Now make template according to your brand guideline for those content topics. 

Every brand has got some unique things that make it different from other brands. Like the color code, the font used in the contents, what’s the core value it’s focusing on, and so on. In your Facebook Marketing strategy, you have to make sure everything goes according to the brand guideline. 

The current user attention span for every content on Facebook is only 2.5 seconds. Brand guidelines followed contents can create top of the mind awareness in the audience’s mind. As a result, it creates huge value for your brand. 

9. With every post, try to tell a story. 

Nothing can be done with the one-sided approach. It has to be from both ends. The organic reach shouldn’t be reflected in numbers. It would help if you had their feedback. But what should be the way to get it? 

People are always fond of stories. If you can give something to think about, then they will give you their feedback. So at least try to post something that’s people can think. 

facebook marketing strategy should be about telling a story

10. Try to post videos. 

The next Facebook marketing trend is all about video content. If you even turn a small statistical fact into a video where you’re telling it – it will engage many more audiences into your Facebook page. Nowadays, the videos that are under 30 seconds start to play automatically when it appears in your newsfeed. 

Since storytelling is the current biggest gimmick of modern digital marketing, you can always portray that into a short video that will derivate your Facebook marketing strategies. 

Videos should be part of facebook marketing strategy

11. Don’t post flat photographs. 

You know, if you post a photo without using any caption, then it would not that value onwards. The Facebook algorithm judges your content by sending it to the first group of people. The way they react determines whether it’s going to be seen by others or not. 

Apart from that, Facebook doesn’t portray the photos with the perfect resolution and color combination all the time. You know, for posting photographs, there is Instagram, and that is affiliated with Facebook. In terms of posting flat photographs – you should be doing that on Instagram rather than posting it on Facebook. 

Flat Photography

12. Add text on your photos and post. 

By adding texts, The Facebook Algorithm adds more value to your content and try to show that in other people’s newsfeed. As a result, it turns into having a great engagement. 

Your texts for posts work like the icing on a cake, so always add text on your photos and post.

13. Post interesting and eye-catching infographics with engaging texts.

You have to consider that for a high organic reach – you have to come up with contents that are understandable for a maximum number of people. Just for saying an example, you may not know the Chinese language, so it’s obvious you’ll understand the contents of a Chinese Facebook page. 

If you use infographics by showing bars, curves, and pie charts, then everyone can easily understand that. Apart from that, human beings are fond of the following things. If you use indicators/infographics, it will be able to reach a maximum number of people on the Facebook platform.

14. Ask questions in your posts to engage your target group. 

Nowadays, Facebook has added the feature of asking questions in between of the video contents. Apart from that, you can always have a question ready for your audiences. People love to be right, and that leads to having a great engagement on your Facebook page. 

By asking a question in your content can give you both a good amount of feedback as well as engagement in your posts. 

15. Create a poll now and then. 

By creating polls, you can always measure how you’re targeted audiences are taking your content. Whether it’s creating an impact or not. Not only that, you can predetermine your upcoming engaging content very easily with the help of creating a poll. 

Polls involve huge participation that results in generating a high involvement from the audience’s end. 

Facebook poll


16. Don’t post flat messages for special occasions. 

Don’t take it as just a responsibility to wish your audience on any occasion, whether it’s Eid, Puja, Star Sunday, or Buddha Purnima. Even an average person texts you on occasion with a flat message. 

Try to have something that makes your message on this occasion a bit different from the others. Use unique creative visuals to make your wish relevant to the brand as well as with the TG. 

17. Post at peak time. In Bangladesh the peak time is 11 am – 12.30 pm and 8 pm – 10 pm 

Posting content in peak time should be one of your core priorities in your Facebook Marketing strategy. By posting in peak times, your content can have the most number of target audiences involved with your brand. 

Peak time is different from region to region. In Bangladesh, the peak time of posting content on Facebook is 11 am – 12.30 pm and 8 pm – 10 pm. 

Post on Facebook at peak times

18. Reply to every comment. I repeat EVERY COMMENT. If there is nothing to reply, reply, ‘Thank you.’ 

As it’s been said earlier, there’s no outcome of a one-sided approach. If your target audiences are getting involved with you, then it’s your core responsibility to get your brand connected with them. 

If people are commenting down and sharing their feedback, then you should reply to all those comments. And by all, I do mean ALL COMMENTS that satisfies them. If there’s no exact answer to a question asked by a customer, then at least reply, “Thank you.” But make sure you can make him/her feel that they’re connected with the brand.

19. Make content from your blog post and share the blog link in the caption. 

If you want your customers to land on your websites, then you should be making content from the blogs that you shared on your brand’s website. In most of the cases, it’s seemed Facebook pages are just sharing the links in the caption and nothing more than that. 

First of all, if you paste a caption in a facebook post, it shows a preview of the blog. Add text in your captions to support your content and try to deliver some content from your blogs so that the customers can relate in a more efficient way, and you can get a high engagement/reach on your Facebook page. 

20. Reply to every message. 

A brand is loved by people if it’s able to create personalized value for its consumers. It’s a core duty on the Facebook platform for a brand to help out the customers if they’re asking something about your products/services. No matter what happens, it would be best if you always answered the messages that they give so that they feel they are valued. 

In terms of replying to the consumers, you can use chatbots. Now there are different free plugins like Tidio, Piodie bot, ChimBot, and so on. By using these chatbots, you can quickly answer the frequently asked questions by people. 

Replying from Facebook page

21. If it makes you excited, post it. Trust your gut feelings; don’t be too analytical. Your users are not here to judge you. 

Here’s the thing. If you spend too much time on selecting your content, then this way or that way, it’s going to affect. You can’t always measure the intangible things. If you feel like you should post it or the humor of the content goes well, then post it. 

Don’t be too confused about the content you’re making. You have to trust your gut feelings sometime because you’re the one who’s creating the brand. So even if you fail to engage people, learn from it, but if you’re excited about any content, then post it.

22. Always maintain 4:1 rule. Only one post about your product after four posts. Those four posts are for engaging your target group. 

If you can tell, then you can sell it. But before selling, you need to have things ready so that a customer comes to you. The modern Facebook marketing strategy encourages to create awareness in the first place, then comes up with the beneficial factors and after that, try to sell that. 

On Facebook, before selling any product, you should at least create four different content that derivates to generate a sale. It can be like awareness, facts, benefits, and so on. We call it the 4:1 rule. At least, have four different content ready before you sell your product on Facebook.

23. Ban every negative comment. 

There will be negative feedbacks everywhere. Just for saying an example, on YouTube, you may see even in a good video – there’s a huge number of dislikes too. On Facebook, the same thing happens. There are people to create negative influences all over. 

Don’t bother about that. If you find any negative comments in any content which is not logical in any sense, then delete it right away. These are the people who will never be your customers.  

24. Always use emojis in your caption. Use emojipedia to find appropriate emojis. 

In terms of the modern Facebook marketing strategy, emoji plays a considerable role. Any text with relevant emojis adds enormous value to the content shared on the Facebook platform. Even if you go through the website of emojipedia, you can see there are ratings for each emoji that how much it’s going to engage onwards.

So, make your texts more interesting and engaging by using emoji. You can always find more emoji in emojipedia.

Facebook Emoji
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