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LinkedIn Lead Generation | The Ultimate Guide To Get more Leads

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What is Lead Generation? And why you need to use LinkedIn? In the world full of vague information, only numbers speak the truth.

Today you may have a business that has got a phenomenal marketing team who’re consistently making millions of reaches throughout the campaigns.

But then again, is it actually derivative to your business? It seems like a million are knowing about the service of the brand, a hundred thousand are remembering it, only a thousand are taking it on a good note and at last, hundreds are making monetary value for you in return.

Since we all know we’re in a digital era where there’s no place for old school tactics such as cold calling or SMS. With the evolution of engaging mediums, the way of lead generation has changed too. But here’s the catch. Most of the business doesn’t think in a realistic manner for which they struggle to generate quality leads. Out of many digital internet solutions, LinkedIn has been one of the most underrated media to generate good quality leads. Today, let’s have a look at the tips by which we can actually convert the potential reaches into loyal customers of any business. 

Completion of the LinkedIn profile

Take a moment and think about how a teacher reacts toward an uncompleted answer script. Yes, just like the same way a visitor loses his/her interest when they don’t see enough information in the LinkedIn profile.

Even if the profile is full of information, all information has to be updated from time to time. So, if you want to have a good start – start by completing your LinkedIn profile.

Add your job titles, working experiences, academic background, projects, and professional achievements. Briefly describe and try to highlight the significant activity in each segment. Mention your role in every job description and be really precise about your roles so the visitor can have a clear concept. In the end, please take note to add your professional skills so that any visitor can catch the potentiality they’re looking for in you. After the completion, ask for a recommendation from your connections. It can be from your ex-supervisor or colleague. This thing will help you up to get lead generations.

Creating a Company Page

If you’re creating a company page then you must provide some core details such as your company size, location, the operational years of the company and so on. Do not forget to add your company contact details and always use the company logo as the profile picture of the company page. If there’s a website of your company then add the website URL to lead the visitors toward your company’s website.

SEO in LinkedIn

A fun fact is whenever it comes to search engine optimization, everyone assumes it to be embedded in Google, Yahoo and Bing only. But here’s the catch. Search Engine Optimization principles are applicable in LinkedIn and other social media too. It ensures our name or company appearance whenever someone searches for any sort of products or services to people, on and off LinkedIn. As a result, it creates a push that drives visitors into our profiles or the LinkedIn page.

First thing first, what needs to be done is to have sound knowledge regarding search queries and phrases that our target group is likely to use. Perfect keyword selection makes us rank higher and get us to the top of the LinkedIn search engine. One another notable thing is, long-tail keywords helps us to get more specific leads.

Just to say an example, you’re a sales consultant in Dhaka city. You would want your profile to pop up when it says “Sales consultant Dhaka”.

If you’re running a company page, then you should go for adding a website URL so that it derivates to top your profile in the LinkedIn search engine.  It will give you the extra benefit and will help you to drive traffic on your website where you can have some potential leads for your business or service.

If you have got the relevant keywords for your business then incorporate them into your profile and observe how the visitors respond toward your profile.

Communicating with the visitors to get lead

Since LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, it comes up with some really interesting features. One of the most interesting parts is the ability to see who has viewed our profile or LinkedIn page. When someone visits our LinkedIn profile it sends us an email. In most cases, we end up ignoring such emails and as a result, this doesn’t go any further. But if we take a deep look, then we can see there can be some potential leads for our business/service.

start communication with the linkedin visitors

If we can see it in this way, there has been a visitor to our profile because he/she might have an interest in the service that we’re offering. And it has been tested around that responsiveness to their actions end up converting visitors into customers. So, when you’re having a number of visitors into your profile, have an email ready with proper body context that briefly describes your services. Have an automated option where one click would directly lead them to take a detour on your website and finally always use the call to action in your email.

Always keep a track of the incoming emails regarding who has viewed your profile. You can also use “who’s viewed your profile section” in the “profile” drop-down menu in your LinkedIn profile. This will be helpful enough to generate leads and detect potential customers for your business.

Starting with the people around us

So, everything is almost set and you’re quite good to go but you don’t know where to start. For a good start, it’s not necessary to start with the exact targeted group of people. Rather start with the people around you. As your colleagues in your office can be a great help for building your profile even stronger. You should always encourage them to share your content in their own LinkedIn profiles.

That will help down you to increase your potential networks on LinkedIn as well as LinkedIn lead generation. If you’re a brand then it would increase the brand awareness of your business, excel the brand credibility, driving website traffic and finally generate quality leads for your business. Apart from your colleagues, even your supervisor or project coordinators can be the one who’ll be doing the job for you.

For having a good start you should also keep that in your mind, the people who’ll be sharing your content should have a completed LinkedIn profile for the much better impact. You can ask your friends, supervisors, seniors, and peers to enlist your company as their employer. In such a case, you can provide a link to your page.

For the starter, it will be helpful for you to have your profile or brand in the front row of people.

Content to Engage in LinkedIn

Till now, it was all about the procedure or as a metaphor you can say the appetizers. But here comes the main course for your LinkedIn profile or page. And that is content. But how you’re going to do that. Let’s have a look.

Remember the keywords, that we have detected for making our profile to the top of the LinkedIn search engine? Now it’s time to utilize that and use it to gain visitors and grab huge attention. Remember, creating content doesn’t mean something all about creativity and humor. Rather a perfect relevant content resembles a precise message which connects a visitor with your company or the services you’re offering.  For retaining a higher number of visitors, you must publish original, high-quality and simple connecting contents.

Ask yourself why

Start by thinking about why people should invest their time to see your business. What’s in it for the visitors? There are millions of visuals, blogs, and articles getting published then why should they come to you. If you go through the process you’d be able to see or capture the demand which you may fulfill by your services. And exactly that’s where you’d be able to produce some good content to engage people into your business to have some LinkedIn lead generation.

In terms of LinkedIn Lead generation, there are several types of content that you may produce. There is a minimum of 5 types of content you should be posting on LinkedIn. Those are:

linkedIn lead generation cycle. profile to visitor to content to emails to profile
The LeadGen Cycle

Blog Post distribution in LinkedIn

Blogs posts are a great way to enrich engagement, increase brand awareness and reach, and it helps a lot for LinkedIn Lead Generation. When it comes to blog content, introduce it with a personal comment in the first place. If there’s any URL in the content, then don’t forget to make it short. You can always find tools like Bitly to shorten your URL link. The thumbnail of the post should be relevant and catchy so that it can grab people’s attention to take a look over it. Amplify the reach of the blog by promoting published articles on LinkedIn.

Industry Trends

LinkedIn is a great place for business to business marketing. Since the users right here are also always seeking news or information related to their industry, it’s quite feasible to convert them as your potential lead. The users here are more likely to post and to know about different case studies, reports, and white papers. By sharing the trendy information of any particular industry will make the users follow your page where you can push your services and have some potential leads for your business, which means you will be able to have LinkedIn lead generation.

How-to posts to generate good leads

Since we’ve got to know that people in LinkedIn tend to know more about their industry’s latest information, you should always have how-to posts in your content bucket. For example, How to generate ROI from digital marketing campaigns will catch the attention of all the digital marketers who’re trying to get a good return on investment.

Quick Tips

No matter how much we say hard work is the key to success, people always prefer hacks back to their minds. So, the more you will have hacks regarding anything like productivity, motivation, leadership or professional success, the more people will like your content.

Photo and Company Updates

Always keep your audience updated about how you’ve been doing or what project you’re working on now or what’s up with your company and so on. And don’t just update but also visualize them the current scenario of you/your company.

Now the question is how and when you should be posting your contents. Is there any sort of content routine structure that we all need to follow? The answer is no. There’s no such specific content routine however there are some essentials you might want to follow every day in terms of posting contents. Those are:

  • Listen to your audience
  • Follow other company’s contents
  • Try to incorporate facts
  • Always try to have something different

Posting regularly is a must for generating leads

One of the most crucial challenges is getting connected with the visitors as well as the connections daily. Even if your contents are rich and high-qualified but if you don’t keep the connection for a while it will drive people to switch off from your business and as a result, you will lose a huge stack of potential consumers. Apart from that, your growth is also a matter and how can you keep growing that’s also something to think.

Posting Regularly

For solving all this issue, you can have one particular solution which is posting contents daily. Think of it in this way, you’re in a relationship that you adore so much. But just ask yourself how would you feel if you’re not able to talk with your favorite person for a long time.

It sounds weird but it’s the truth and ultimately it’s a simple reflection of a relationship between a brand and its customers. For sustaining in the long run, it must have something that keeps the customers here as well as bring more leads from the visitors on LinkedIn and help to convert LinkedIn lead generation.

Posting at peak hours

If you post daily content, then people would start following you to have your unique perspective and get relevant and useful information data that are reigning as the latest information in that market.

the most effective time to post on linkedin
When to post on LinkedIn?

As a result, it will enlarge the community who are taking services from you or seeks to take service from you in the future. One thing that we must keep in the mind, daily content is like the water that we provide to the plants. If it gets stopped then it would start affecting.


You’ve worked so hard to maintain all the steps and at the end of the day you see 0 comments 0 feedback and it hurts. It hurts a lot.

Building connections

In LinkedIn, you connect with people so that they can see your content. If you want to make sure your contents get more engagement then you need to have that many people connected to your profile.

So you need to connect with more people on LinkedIn and its better if you can connect with the right audience.

Before hitting the connect button make sure to check their profile properly.

Engaging Headlines

We all follow a theory known as “The first impression is the last impression”. This only doesn’t apply for your appearance or looks.

When I see content on my newsfeed the first thing I do is I read the headline or title. I would only click the link and invest my time if I like the headline. Why would I waste my time on a topic if it doesn’t amaze me? It’s that simple to understand.

When you eat a burger you would always want the meat to be fresh and juicy because that’s the core ingredient and no one would like it if its dry or rotten. In the same way, your headline is the meat of your content.

Make your headlines juicy so that people would jump right into your content.

Utilizing Hashtags

Hashtags are important. Yes, they are. It kind of differentiates all the contents and brings out the right ones. How? If you search for #January #2020 you will find all the stories and events that happened in January 2020. It’s like searching for something in a more specific way.

Suppose you have a laptop brand and you’ve launched a new laptop that has 23 cores in its processor. So when you’re promoting it you can easily use #23cores and by doing that people can easily see your content on the list. But that doesn’t mean you’ll use randomly any hashtags in your post. You can use 2 or 3 hashtags at most. You don’t need more than this.

Video content

When you write content people would read it. When you design a picture people would see it. But when you make a video content people will see it, listen to it and understand it in a more engaging way.

Trust me no one skips a video; everyone would see at least 3 sec and then skip it. A perfect video content contains key information, an attractive design, soft or dynamic sounds and of course the content should be short. That’s how you make good video content.

Videos always create suspense and curiosity in everyone’s mind and that’s why it’s the best way to engage with others.

Joining groups

An effective way of increasing the audience as well as engaging people into the service is to join all the relevant groups on LinkedIn. It’s one of the best possible ways to generate leads for your business.

After joining the groups, it will be your sole duty to contribute to the group. Like sharing your content, including links of your website, providing special offers to the people of the group. And don’t just get restricted into one/two groups only. Expand your horizon and join all those groups that might be remotely related to your business that will help you to grow further. Apart from that, start establishing relationships and build connections with the people. That would help you out to build your reputation and establish as an industry expert. That would ultimately drive people in your business and it would be possible for you to convert them into your consumers. Always follow some basic don’ts like over-promoting yourself otherwise it would be deleted through the LinkedIn spam filter.

Sharing with Individuals

You have a lot of friends on your friend list and I believe you know them better than anyone else. You know which people like to debate, like to take pictures, like to play video games right? Of course, you do.

You posted content from your company page which is about watches. You know people who like watches, there are some people who like to research about gadgets, there are people who love to talk about technologies. See all these people are your audience sitting in a corner of your friend list. These are the individuals with whom you personally need to share your content.

Yes, it might seem a little time consuming to pick individuals amongst a long friend list. But it’s very effective and that’s what you need.

Sponsored Emails

So after all these procedures, you would be able to have a huge number of people into your Linkedin connection. But don’t just keep them as your connections, rather use them to generate leads by giving them heads up. The sponsored email feature would be able to target the exact people by inputting the data.  This will help you out to reach your connections with the latest services you’re bringing on to your business and even if they’re not converted solely into your consumers but that would still help you to create a good brand image and this will help for LinkedIn lead generation.

For a high quality sponsored email, it’s suggested to use a bit of eye-soothing color and the logo in the email. Keep your words short and exactly let the person or individual know about the latest service or the impact of the current service that you’re offering.

Always have your auto quotation ready so that you can instantly act on the basis of your customer’s reaction toward your services.

Driving traffic from other platforms

LinkedIn is not the only platform where companies promote their product. There are Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

So, the challenge is how will you grab audiences who use those platforms and make them your own. Well, it’s simple. If you post something on LinkedIn and you want to grab the audience who are using Facebook, you just share this on Facebook by copy-pasting the link over there it’s very simple.

Okay, maybe you won’t get the proper attention you want just by posting. So, let’s be more specific.  

Sample- Sharing LinkedIn articles on Facebook

Sales Navigator

LinkedIn says, “Sales Navigator is a powerful set of search capabilities, improved visibility into extended networks, and personalized algorithms to help you reach the right decision-maker.” It’s one of the best tools a sales-person can have. It allows the sales executives to come up with contacts within the LinkedIn platform.

The sales navigator Interface

 Do’s and Don’ts on LinkedIn

If you’ve skipped something from above or failed to understand don’t worry. Welcome to the summary panel.

What to do

  1. Try to share content that spreads awareness. Post these types of contents regularly to stay and keep others updated.
  2. Share images that would compare situations. Remember the 10-years challenge trend? Yes, post comparison pictures similar to that which will show how our environment is changing every day.
  3. Sometimes you can try posting about facts. Not daily but sometimes. 
  4. You can try sharing success stories of your clients, friends or anyone you know. It will encourage your audience and besides everyone likes practical examples.
  5. You can write short blogs about certain situations by giving your opinions. 
  6. If possible try to give seasonal reviews of industries and be specific on how they are evolving.

What not to do

If you fail to follow tho do’s then please fail to do these as well. Don’t make your profile worse if you can’t make it perfect.

  1. Don’t post anything without visual content. Everyone wants visual examples.
  2. LinkedIn is not a website where you post long blog posts. Keep your write-ups short. Large write-ups are a big NO.
  3. If your company is running a campaign then post stuff about the campaign. Don’t post a bunch of irrelevant content that doesn’t go with your campaign or company.


It’s a social selling platform that LinkedIn provides to the salespersons. This tool includes features like finding the right prospects to build trusted relationships. With this tool, you can have the right kind of search and filter features. It also comes up with some useful insights that pave the way for a deeper understanding of leads. With this tool, you can engage with the visitors at a far more personal level. This will help a lot for LinkedIn lead generation.

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