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Lets build a marketing department for you that keeps generating leads.

najm marketing consultant

I give my own time for 6 to 12 months, where I work with your team every week to build a ROI driven marketing machine.


Hours weekly


Company Friendly

I give my own time for 6 to 12 months, where I work with your team every week to build a ROI driven marketing machine. This will help you and your team grow traffic, convert leads, and fill up your sales funnel like never before.


Hours weekly


Company Friendly

Your Office

My Workplace (If needed)

I will help you build an in-house marketing team you always wanted.

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Complete marketing solution for your midsize business.

Marketing Strategy

Execution & not just Strategy

No, unlike some consultants, I m not going to give you only 100 slides of a PPT or a PDF for you to follow. I will execute and get things done for you.
target client

Sustainable lead generation

Everything is focused on getting you more customers. That’s our number one goal. To do that, we will eventually build the brand. But of course, by launching lead gen campaigns that you always wanted.
marketing team

Inhouse marketing team​

Every startup has a dream team that will constantly bring customers and hence revenue. I can assist in building that team by getting in touch with the HR and hiring the right people.

100% money-back guarantee

If within the 2nd week, it appears that we are not fit for each other, I will return the full amount deposited. No questions asked. Why take the money if I can’t help you.

*Only one 80-hour monthly slot.

Combination of Inbound & Outbound = Unstoppable brand

No. I don’t have any marketing hacks & I don’t know any Vudu magic. I work! That’s how I take companies to the next level. A beautiful combination of all that I know will bring in the result that you want.

What I do with this 80 hours a month?

Strategy consulting for management & team leaders
Conversion rate optimization on every step of the customer journey
Lead Gen funnel launched as many as needed
Introduce process and marketing automation
Quarterly budgeting & projection
Help HR with hiring the Marketing team
Training the Marketing team
Establish full outbound marketing
Establish full inbound marketing
Marketing and branding guidelines
Launch marketing materials as needed
Optimize existing marketing
Brand establishment for clients, investors, and employees
Sales funnel for leadgen

By the time we are done, you will have

digital marketing consultation for startup growth


Leads generating every week if not every day


A marketing team at your own office working only for you


Content generating every day for all 3 stages of your TG


A website that brings in visitors organic and paid and converts them into leads


10x Brand awareness of your company to your Target market


Marketing and sales funnel ready and working


Both offline and online marketing in sync


Marketing budget & projection done for every quarter


All print and offline marketing ready to sell your product


A social media presence that shows the right company culture and presents your offers in the right way

Meet your consultant - Najm

education of a marketing consultant

So, you have been running your mid-size company for a while now.

The product/ service is proven & you are solving the actual problem of your customers. You ARE one of the best in the market, and you know it.

But till today it’s been mostly word of mouth or very push sales focused. But now you know how digital marketing is taking over the whole, “bringing in more clients” side of the business.

Now you want sustainable growth on your lead gen, a process to follow, and an automated marketing department to bring you more sustainable leads that will turn into clients.

That’s where I come in as a marketing consultant.

I build the team, put the process in place, and build a marketing machine for you.

What one of my 80/mo hour clients has to say about his revenue growth

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"Najm is truly a star in the marketing field. Since his arrival, we are a lot more focused. We are in for some real expansion."
- S. Mamnun Quader,
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Leads Increased

prothom alo cramstack southtech as my client
brainstation 23 sheba cutoutwiz as my client
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"Before Najm was here, we neither had a target nor the leads"
- Ariq Mansur
Director, Invouge software
"By working with Najm Bhai, my sales, my traction, everything went up. He is really good at lead management. The website is bringing in more and more clients every day."
- Nisorgo Islam
Founder, Stick On
"Najm Bhai is very authentic & blunt to give feedback. He told us exactly what we needed to fix in our marketing."
- Mosfaiul Alam
Co-founder, Re Di Strada

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Hours monthly


Marketing Consultation
2,80,000 Taka/ monthly
The good news: no need to hire an $8K/ month CMO. Let’s work together with an initial 6-months retainer and I will prove the power of marketing.

My philosophies

If you think I’m expensive, then you should hire someone bad and see what will that cost you.
Lead generation 1st. Branding 2nd​
You don’t invest; you don’t earn
Marketing should be measurable ​