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Build the ultimate marketing funnel. Generate leads.

Attract the right TG (target group) with social activation> turn them into leads with landing pages & automated emails> then convert into customers with marketing funnel.


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marketing and sales funnel

Attract the right TG (target group) with social activation> turn them into leads with landing pages & automated emails> then convert into customers with marketing funnel.


Hours monthly



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Your business will grow, if you can manage your customer flow.

I run ROI driven marketing activities. I build the whole thing in a way so that your team runs automatically, even if I am not there. How do I do it? With the right process in place and marketing automation tools like Trello, reporting books & HubSpot.

What you get by this marketing funnel package?

As a marketing consultant, I work with you every week for 5 hours to help you build these marketing funnels. I use my years of experience as a marketer & marketing automation tools such as click funnel, Elementor & Hubspot to build these sales funnels.


Lead Generation Funnel

Establish leadgen process like never before. See your sales pipelines filled on every stage.

Marketing Strategy

Expert Marketing Strategy

One to one meeting will give you access to ask any questions and build a marketing strategy that serves you the best

conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert more prospects into leads and leads into customers.

100% money-back guarantee

If within the 2nd week, it appears that we are not fit for each other, I will return the full amount deposited. No questions asked. Why take the money if I can’t help you.

*Only one 20 hour monthly slot.

How to successfully generate leads?

hubspot marketing software

You have EVERYTHING, including a Facebook page, a website, a phone number, a bunce of email addresses, business cards. But still not getting enough clients?

“Because you my friend, are doing it wrong.”

It’s not about that Facebook page (that you hardly update) or that website. It’s about connecting all of them. So that someone who has no idea you exists, knows that you exist. Then learn more about your product or service & then buy it. Building this process systematically is called marketing Funnel.

Steps we follow to build the marketing funnel

Sales funnel for leadgen

Step 1

Facebook & other ads

Step 2

Website & Landing pages

Step 3

Form, exit-intent activities

Step 4

Email marketing & re-targeting

Step 5

Conversion-focused sales campaigns

Step 6

Convert with conversational marketing & up-sell

Conversion Rate Optimization

Stop guessing where your future clients struggle. I take data-driven steps to improve your conversion rate. I use technology and my years of experience to understand how to convert clients better.


Lower your Client Acquisition Cost

May be your full website works. But clients don’t know where to go and purchase. Fixing that small thing can save you a lot of money.


Increase sales on digital platforms

Sometimes we need to perfect what’s working already. By fixing a few problems, we can convert clients more. Also, why not try the available free tools? E.g. Are you using Hotjar?

conversion logos
conversion rate optimization

Tools I usually use to fix conversion rate

Why not try the available tools? E.g. Are you using Hotjar? It’s a free tool that will help you understand your engaged leads better and increase conversion. I also use tools like Google Analytics, WordPress, Intercom, Hubspot, Optimizely. Whatever it takes to increase conversion.

Unfair Advantages

Did I tell you I helped optimizing conversion for 5.3 million visitors a day website? How large is your project? 😉

Meet your consultant - Najm

education of a marketing consultant

Currently representing three 200+ companies & two startups. I focus on making your startup 2020-proof. I use new tactics like conversation marketing & my 13+ years of experience to help you get more clients. Managing accounts from the Netherlands, Bangladesh, UK & US. Ready to make your marketing funnel? Get in touch today!

Inbound marketing certificate by Hubspot
customer acquisition specialist
content marketing certificate by Hubspot
social media certificate by Hubspot

What my other clients have to say about their marketing funnels

"Najm made my marketing team. He built us an ecosystem and that ecosystem never stopped generating leads."
- Raisul Kabir
Founder & CEO, Brainstation23
"He helped us set up the marketing funnel. Najm helped us set up all the marketing channels & its really working out."
- Mir Sakib
Founder, Cramstack
"What I have seen is when you work on marketing, you go all in. That’s what I loved most about working with you."
- Mehdi Reza
CEO, JoBike
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Hours monthly


Marketing Consultation

70,000 Taka/ monthly

Good for startups. Lets build sales funnels that actually generates leads.

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My philosophies

If you think I’m expensive, then you should hire someone bad and see what will that cost you.
Lead generation 1st. Branding 2nd​
You don’t invest; you don’t earn
Marketing should be measurable ​