Marketing Consultation

Get more customers for your small business

Let me personally help you increase your leads. Double, triple or even 10X your revenue.


Hours (One-time)



marketing consultation for startups

Let me personally help you increase your leads. Double, triple or even 10X your revenue.

3 Hours




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Small business founder friendly. Now you can afford that CMO you always wanted.

From getting more customers to understanding know-hows to installing the latest marketing tools, I welcome all your problems. Listen to what one of my small business clients had to say about us working together.

What you get with this marketing consulting?


Bulletproof Marketing Strategy

digital marketing consulting to make Sales funnels

Generate more leads & Convert more clients


An Enterprise level CMO for your business

Here is what you’ll receive at the consultation


Suggestion on low-hanging-fruit fixes to your current marketing activities

Fix these, and you will solve 60% of your problems. These problems are different from business to business. They depend on founds, industries & target clients.


Strategy to address your specific long-term marketing and lead generation goals

These are more painful as they sound easy at 1st. But you need to do these every day and every week. They will solve the other 40% of your other problems. Do this and bring more sustainable revenue growth. 


Audit existing marketing

This will help you get an audit done for your existing marketing efforts to get more leads. I will tell you what’s going wrong so that you can fix the mistakes  & will also tell you what things are going right, so that you can keep working on them.

Najm is a digital marketing consultation for startup growth

Do you think of yourself as a Founder? Challenge yourself.

Marketing Strategy meetings

Sad News 1st

Your colleagues never told you how much you suck as a founder because they get paid by you. They always call you Bhaia or Apu or Sir or Madam & tells you how nice you are.

“No offense.”

But deep down, you know you suck at certain things. If thats “getting more customers” then you are at the right place. 

By the time we are done, you will have


The right marketing strategy on how to get more customers


An audit on your existing marketing activities and suggestions on where you need work


A good look at yourself with feedback that is hard to take


All critical marketing questions answered that you couldn’t find in other places

team meeting for the digital marketing consulting

100% money-back guarantee

You don’t see the value. I pay you back 100% right after the consultation. Because as a small business, every poisha counts.

*Limited Slots

Here is how you can book for consulting & start growing revenue.


Step 1

Fill out your form below this page

It is so that I can do some quick research on you before your 1st call.


Step 2

Payment & booking consultation

Bkash at 01713114799 (Take a screenshot of the SMS) or to deposit via bank, please get in touch.

When payment is received, book an hour on my calendar.


Step 3

My quick research & Audit

It is so that I can do some quick research on you before your 1st call.


Step 4

1st meeting: Understanding Needs

45 minutes to an hour’s phone or face to face meeting at my office in Banani 11. We will discuss your pain points about marketing & your goal.


Step 5

1 hour of my analysis & building the strategy

Based on the meeting we have, I’ll do some research on the solution you need to get more customers.

consulting meeting

Step 6

2nd meeting: 1 hour consulting

THE consulting meeting you signed up for. Here we will talk it out and lay down a 3-month marketing plan for your small company or startup.

Unfair Advantages

I had my own small company for 3 years. so I know the pain of a founder. In the end, you want more customers. Tell me I m wrong.

Najm - Your marketing consultant.

education of a marketing consultant

Hi there! I m Najm & I can help your small company or startup by 10Xing your sales.

I am a consultant with a proven track record in doubling customers. I have been working with businesses like yours for the last 12 years and I work diligently to learn how to get more customers.


I even had my own startup for 3 years (Ennovision LLC & LTD), which gives me the advantage of thinking like a founder.

Still not sure if this is good for you? Let’s just talk & figure out how to increase your revenue.

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Inbound marketing certificate by Hubspot
customer acquisition specialist
content marketing certificate by Hubspot
social media certificate by Hubspot

Founders think about ROI more than anything else.​

"I call him 'The Complete Package'. From pitching to product development, even in critical business decisions, Najm made both Sheba and me a better workforce."
- Adnan Imtiaz Halim Founder
Founder & CEO, Sheba.xyz
"The campaigns worked really well on the global marketplaces. Najm has the intention of getting things done. "
- Kowser Nirob
Founder, CutOutWiz
"We realized that we needed help with branding and marketing, and Najm Bhai came well recommended. We have uped our game on social media and in other marketing channels, and its working out really well."
- Wedad Quader
Director, Southtech
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Marketing Consultation

10,500 Taka/ monthly

Good for startups. Lets build marketing machines that actually generate leads.

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