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digital marketing trends 2020

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021: Be Updated

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The trend is an ever-moving thing. To make the business sustainable, you should be able to spot the movement of the marketing trends. Analyzing the trend followed by, you must develop your strategy using updated tools and implement it.

Be more active in the digital platforms and leave your footprint in social media. The chain should be maintained by utilizing the best from all the components.

Capturing a better competitive scenario is also a crucial part while riding the journey.

While running the business, there might be several uncertain obstacles that arrive; you have to be aware of the marketing trends. 

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1. Interactive Content

Engagement is always the key focus of marketing. This is an initiating factor in the marketing trends of 2021. While developing sales structures or designing social media campaigns, the most important thing you should keep on your mind, that how much people are coming in touch with you.

Of course, only a very few percent of them you can keep on your potential client base. But you have no right to disappoint anyone. So, getting closer to the interactive content is considered as a stronger methodological approach.

Making people part of your content is the most effective way to leave an impact on their minds.

interactive content is the top marketing trends of 2020

You should remember about Aesop’s fables you read in childhood. Those elements of the stories could be related to life easily and that’s the reason you haven’t forgotten about the learning of those stories yet. The same trend seems to emerge more exceedingly in 2021. Not just create content, people now tend to be more moved with the interactive approach. People might react in creative stories but show a better interest to get engaged where they find themselves to get connected. Be more focused on preparing your content or strategy to interact with people. But don’t push them to follow a complex way. Keep it simple and easy but be more fascinating.

2. Customized Service

If you just keep your eyes wide open, you’ll find people aren’t moving towards the renowned brands anymore.

People are more motivated to brands that can serve their demands better.

This fact is responsible for a lot of notable brand names to get out of the spotlight and several non-popular brands to spread out on the market. People aren’t just fancy about showing off brands but to be more comfortable. With the passes of time, people of our country have also moved along the trend to be more focused on how they look based on what suits them rather than which brand is popular. Customized service is emerging as a key indicator in terms of moving marketing trends.  

customized service is the top marketing trends of 2020
Users want service according to their very own demand

Customization of your service is a kind of interpretation of your business. People are now on a race against time. They aren’t ready to draw even a minimum minute to see what you have brought to the market. They want to see what you have for them and how they will be benefited by keeping you on their hands. Customized service assures people to save their time and to get service as they want. This surely the best competitive advantage a company can plan to have. The trend of customized service is already leaving an impact, and it will keep broadening in the upcoming 2021.   

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is already on the rise, thanks to the expansion of social media. Primarily Facebook was considered as a better platform for business, but the recent thrive on Instagram has been replacing it. It’s just taking a swipe up to land on the service page, making it more convenient for people to receive the service. Content marketing now has become one of the most efficient tools from the engaging audience to identify potential leads and sell to them. As a result, a greater number of digital marketing agencies are being formed, periodically presenting new creative ideas.

Social media keep bringing more tools and by taking advantage of its companies tend to attract a better number of people to their business. The development of content marketing will be kept coming in the upcoming days. You should always be alert on the moving trends of content marketing. You should have a proper implementation knowledge of tools like HubSpot, WordPress, Grammarly, and so on. Provide more concentration to make a bridge between your business and customer, utilizing the advantages of content marketing.

content marketing trend

4. Videography

Insightful visuals are always considered in high regard by people. The relief of eyes is the biggest voice of customers from the content. Eye-soothing visuals are becoming catchier towards people. Videography is rated highly by people in relatively all sorts of social media. Marketing trends of 2021 pointing out videography as a more friendly content strategy for people to attract. P.S. I personally think 2021 will be the tipping point for videos.

Make meaningful videos that are related to your service. Yes, you can make so many catchy videos that can hit the emotional point. But where most people fail is to make the video aligned with their service. As a result, people memorize the video but don’t remember the message you want to share through your videography. While making a video for the digital platform, be focused on three features: length, quality, and message. People are more tend to see less long videos. It’s very easy to scroll through in social media, and that’s what mostly happens if that is too long for people.

Video marketing trend

Next comes the quality. It just doesn’t mean the graphics. The overall visuals, even the fonts you used in video matters in terms of quality. Finally, the message. It should be friendly and not harming or hurting anyone. Videography will be proven a stronger tool for marketing in 2021.

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5. Data-based Strategy

You have a very efficient team working for you. They are creative and capable of completing tasks within deadlines. Even maybe you also have some competitive advantages. But they all might bring a result of ZERO! What is their actual fault then? It happens because of failing to capitalize on a data-based strategy. Yes, this is a harsh truth and this is responsible for falling off a lot of big names. Right now, a data-based strategy is set in the middle for pulling out a profitable business.

data based strategy trend

You might be hitting with good graphics, catchy content or eye-soothing videography. But these won’t work if you fail to gather meaningful data and wise interpretation of those data. The data-driven strategy helps you to provide a better analysis of the market. It helps you to determine which specific areas you should focus more on. Also, where you can better relax. The efficient team will certainly be more effective if they are guided in the right way. According to Altimeter Digital Marketing Survey, data analysis would be the most desired skill in 2021, which is accumulated for 41%, higher than graphical skills and else. Strategies often needed to be reshaped for the company because of moving trends. But to forecast the movement of shifting trends, you need have to have a proper data analysis and interpretation.

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6. Purchasable Posts

People want freedom and convenience to buy. Unlike in the previous decade, people are now freer to go online. So, if they don’t feel comfortable, they will no longer be interested in being with you. It’s high time to shape your service strategy to make it easier for people. Digital platforms are emerging with more engaging tools with people. You should be more focused always to utilize them, increasing the convenience of people. 

You promise quality service and you are capable of providing it. Back in the early 2000s, it was possible to get the market with ease. But the situation has changed a lot because of the influence of social media everywhere. So, if you want to have people staying in the potential base, you have to give them that ground. Why do people are becoming more dependent on ride-sharing apps like Uber or Pathao? Primarily huge traffic on the roads is an understandable fact. But the reason for getting a higher ranking is there more comfort of service. It’s easier to get and enjoy. So, stay focused and make the purchase a peaceful experience for people. In 2021, purchasable posts are supposed to be gained more high emphasis. 

purchasable post
Purchasable post on Instagram

7. Digital Transactions

Methods of the transaction have completely reformed as soon as online platforms of purchasing have emerged. From the customers’ perception, purchase maybe just simply choosing the most satisfying product or service according to the need. But it’s not completed unless the transactions are done right. When you serve people online, you have to assure your modes of payment are clear to them. Likewise, assuring the quality and comfort of your provided service, ensuring a clear mode of the transaction also falls under your responsibility.

In business, there is always an issue regarding negotiation and bargaining. But in terms of digital transactions, there would be no consideration for that. Make sure your target customers are aware of the mode of transactions. With the help of Mobile Financial Services (MFS) like- Bkash or Rocket, nowadays, a lot of companies are performing digital transactions more largely. Also, payment with cards is always a dependable process. In 2021, businesses are expected to be more digitized and comfortable for customers. Make sure you are keeping pace with this transformation of business.

digital transaction trends

While suffering from a lack of sales or generating leads, you must focus on your weaknesses. How strong are you with tech tools, how efficiently you are exploiting these tools to make your strategies more effective? Moving marketing trends of 2021 referring that tech-tools are already leaving an impact on the field of marketing. Here are a few of them you should be notified about.

HubSpot CRM: 

It is an effective CRM tool which will help you to be connected with your potential client base and possible leads. This will enable you to be followed-up regularly. Trello: When there is a gap in team communication, the overall output will surely get lessened. Just like customers, you have to stay focused on your team.


Ensures you to be updated with your team works’. If there is any silent cause that is making the team cause underperforming, initially, you’ll be able to find out the problem and sort out accordingly.


The communication gap within team members results in a massive failure in the end. There are several issues on which employees might get divided between opinions. Being a team leader, you’ll focus on taking the decision which will seem more profitable for the business. That’s why you need to verify each of the opinions. Software like ‘Slack’ helps to reduce the communication gap between team members. Highly recognized as a team messaging app and project collaboration software.


‘Deadline’ is the most crucial word while you’re providing a service to people. Following the renowned proverb’ Time and Tide Wait for None’, once you miss the deadline, it translates- you’re surely losing the customer. But if you are determined to perform all the tasks within the deadline you have to assure your employees are completing their tasks within the due time. Toggl enables you to keep an eye on people’s time management issues. If there is something found in disarray initially you can take steps.

Google Analytics

Finally, after applying all possible tools in both terms of inbound and outbound marketing strategy, you have to focus on the growth of your business. Google Analytics will help you to determine your progress. It is an effective tool to justify your activities and help you to shape your funnel in a properly to serve your customers best. Combines both prescriptive and predictive analysis, which gives you a logical explanation about the movement of the market.

Although these tools are already existing in the market, confirm you are properly utilizing these for your business. Technological advancement will keep improving these and bringing new ones. Accelerate your business in the upcoming 2021, making the best use of different technical tools.  

Embrace the changes and get ready to take the required initiatives that will increase your growth. Technology, demands, trends will keep shaking with the passes of time. But to be at the top of your business, you should catch and analyze it promptly so you don’t fall behind the race. You have to capture the symptoms of the moving trends and capitalize on the future of your business. Use the necessary tools from welcoming the brand-new decade to turn it into a profitable one.

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