Ultimate guide to video marketing

The ultimate guide to video marketing in 2021

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The evolution of marketing has changed so much over the year. Years ago marketing was all about word of mouth, but now we are seeing a whole new scenario. In the traditional age location-based marketing used to be very engaging and almost every brand tried to promote their product in that way but as soon as everything went digital brands started to discover new ways to promote their product. And Video Marketing is probably the strongest among them.

Video Marketing

Now, in the 21st-century Video Marketing is one of the major elements to promote products or services. Among all the mediums how come video marketing got most of the traffic? You might ask. 

Video is not just about entertainment anymore, it’s more than that. Let’s go on a tour and see what video marketing is all about. 

What is Video Marketing?

Making footage of a certain scenario or combining a bunch of photos together that contains a valuable message in a way that would affect people in a positive or negative way is called video. 

Sorry for using the book language, let me elaborate.

You either record a particular event that contains a message or you combine some photos to express something, which is called a video. Your video doesn’t necessarily need to have a message in it but what’s the point if it doesn’t indicate any

According to CISCO, in 2019 80% of the internet users spent their time watching a video. Sounds great but whats video marketing? Well, giving those viewers the videos they want to see is called video marketing. 

It’s all about giving people what they want. 

How did it all start?

Video marketing has become a daily part of us. We watch hundreds of videos and the creators just consume us with their creation. Video marketing these days has way too much information and cooler to see but there’s always a back story behind it about how it started. How did people even come up with this kind of an idea that would impact us so much?

Are you curious yet?

A watch company in Bulova ran the first commercial on a New York TV station in 1941 during the Yankees game. That was the first and after 40 years MTV launched “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles indicating a message. In 1984 “Apple” launched its commercial for the Macintosh during the Super Bowl.  

This is how video marketing started to become a thing. For the people, video marketing is nothing but from a brand’s point of view, everything is an opportunity. Youtube was founded in 2005, after that every brand jumped in the field. 

I guess that’s how business works.

How does video marketing work?

You have a company, you want everyone to notice your brand, you want to promote your brand one way or another, right? What if you choose “Video marketing”?

But how does it work?

You make a video that can contain a message or indicate something that will ultimately promote your company. You can make videos to make people aware of your service or product. You can make videos to tell people stories that can indicate your brand positioning. You can make videos with funny or informative content to engage with your audience.

You can do anything you want with your videos because video marketing is data-driven. You keep track of your data and monitor your results then you take the action.

Now let’s see how you can make a video good enough to promote your brand.

Collecting Valuables

Now tell me, what is the first thing that you need to make a video? A camera, right?

What’s next? A device to keep and edit your videos. You’ll need some equipment, a bunch of software to edit your videos and a video marketing team to come up with good content. 

Content is very important, in fact, it is the most important one. 

You’ll have to make different types of videos for different kinds of promotions so choose your valuables wisely. You can’t repeat one content over and over again. That will be useless.

Telling a story

When you give someone an idea on how to improve their business it’s good but when you show them several examples of how those ideas can make an impact or made an impact previously it’s better. 

Storytelling is awesome and impactful. Successful brands tend to focus more on stories so they can engage with their customers. 

While making your video decide what you want to tell your audience and how you want to show it to them. The whole concept circulates on the story you make. 

The shorter the better 

You might have an awesome idea for your video and want to add a lot of content for your audience to see. But are you sure your audience wants to invest their time just to see your video?

The audience loves to see interesting videos on the internet. It can be a 5-sec video or it can be a 2-hour long video but wait, you’ve got a brand and not a movie studio. 

People will always swipe away ads as much as possible so you need to make your videos short.

Make a 5-15 sec video that would with good content. Yes, you can make a long video but cut out the unnecessary stuff and keep the important ones. Short videos get more views and the most responses. 

Engage Engage Engage

Yes, you’ve collected the resources,  you’ve made a wonderful story, you’ve added fresh contents but are they interesting enough to catch your audience?

You are an audience yourself. After making a video content ask yourself, do you really want to see this video? Does the video content give you the vibe to see the full video? If yes then great but if the answer is no change your content. 

So make your stories and content as interesting as possible so the video can engage with your audience. 


Once you’ve done everything above you would want to publish the video. Make sure everything is in line. Even for a small mistake, you can lose thousands of viewers. 

The moment after you publish the video make sure it spreads all over the internet. Use social media, google, your website, youtube. Do whatever it takes for it to reach your customers.

Analyze your results

Keep a track of your videos. Use analytical tools to see how much people have seen, clicked or gave a response to your video.

Why do all this trouble?

Tell me, wouldn’t you want to see the response rate of your creation so you can realize how good or bad it was? 

Wouldn’t you want to use the feedback to make your next video better? 

Of course, you would. Now go and use the proper tools to see which of your videos are the best and why.

Where can you market your videos?

What’s the point of making a video if no one clicks on them. If you want to make people click on your videos then you need to market them right? But where will you market your videos?

On the internet, there are hundreds of platforms out there to choose from and you can’t just post your video randomly anywhere. That would be stupid. 

You need to know the right platform cause it will help you to get more responses.


LinkedIn is a social media platform for business and it is full of the audience you need. It is the right platform for your company and its videos to get noticed. 

But every platform has a different tactic for video marketing. When you want to make a video to promote on LinkedIn make sure they relate to these topics.

  1. Industry Insights
  2. Trending News
  3. Promo videos
  4. Event recap
  5. Company values
  6. Product launch

As you know LinkedIn is a platform for the business you need to make your video as professional as possible. It would be better if you hire a video marketing expert in order to go on with the vibe. 

LinkedIn Video Marketing

Make a short video and make sure it’s mobile-friendly. Mobile users are all over the place and they will log in to LinkedIn now and then. Make sure your video is mobile friendly so everyone can see it without any disruption. 

One more thing. You would want to get the most out of LinkedIn so what you want to do is link your video with every post so that whoever sees your posts will be redirected to the video through the backlink. 


According to Statista.com Facebook had over 2.5 billion active users in 2019 and this is the right place for you to promote your video.

Facebook is full of videos so why would people watch yours?

Every person watches the first 5 seconds of each video they see on Facebook. In order to grab and keep your audience on Facebook make sure you show them something interesting in the first 4 seconds. 

Always upload videos directly on Facebook, don’t use backlinks. People tend to leave backlinks to videos of other platforms that barely get clicked on Facebook. 

Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook gives you a lot of options such as

  1. Facebook stories
  2. Facebook Live
  3. Facebook video playlist
  4. Facebook 360 videos
  5. Facebook creator studio

Facebook stories is a must for video marketing. In recent years Facebook has put their eyes on the companies and is thinking about brands so they can promote themselves all over the place.

  • Creator Studio

Facebook creator studio is the content manager for Facebook. Here you can control all of your content which includes posts and videos. You can choose what to feature, what to post, what to edit. You can also see the posts that have expired lately. 

Not just that you can also divide contents by their type. This means you can put all your videos in one place also you can categorize your videos as well. 

You can create playlists as well. You can organize all the videos of the same category and make a playlist for others to find out.

You can check details of all the contents as well as how others engaged with it. Everything in one place. 

But remember, this feature is for the pages only. 


Instagram is all about photos and videos. Instagram stories provide you opportunities to connect your videos with your consumers and convert them to leads. 

One more thing which you might not know, consumers love to see video content on social media and Instagram is one of the major places where videos drive engagement. 

Instagram Video is one of the most effective ways to reach your users

Instagram is a place where brands get the opportunity to show people who they are and they get 60 seconds to do it, how? Instagram stories that’s how. Take this 60 seconds and make your video visible to the platform to get the most of it.

Instagram is a mobile-friendly app. Make your video mobile-friendly as well. 

Use hashtags. People search using hashtags in the search option. Besides that, it will make your video visible to the audience. 

Put your money in the target advertisement. There’s no point in using all your efforts if it doesn’t reach the right audience. 

Don’t forget to track your video on Instagram to see the results.


Video’s in twitter gets more re-tweets. If you want to use twitter for video marketing try to post about breaking news.

In twitter, you can explain your products in a better way. When it comes to explaining everyone prefers videos over text. So use your videos properly. 

Use hashtags and use twitter ads to promote market your videos.  

I won’t prefer you to market your videos every time on twitter. You need to use twitter more precisely. If you think your video will get engaged on twitter only then go ahead. Or else don’t. 

Learn it’s culture and then market your videos.


When I think about video marketing on Snapchat I think about Snapchat stories. 

Snapchat stories allow you to advertise your product and the best part is your audience can give a reply to your stories which means you are getting instant feedback. Cool isn’t it?

Snapchat Video Marketing

Make an event or launch a campaign on stories and use Geofilters, Why? People can know about your event, give feedback, stay updated as well as use your brand as a filter to create snaps because you’re using Geofilters. Not that’s engaging. 

On Snapchat target your audience directly so that the content reaches them and advertise the product all over the place to let people know that you exist. 


Tiktok was new in the field but they were able to grab a spot in the market and just after some days they created so much traffic and brands were like “Hey, why don’t we promote our product on TikTok?”  and there you go. 1 more platform added to the list.

Go and make a channel on TikTok and start making relevant content. Make sure it goes with the culture of TikTok. 

Use different influencers to promote your product and pay so your video spreads. 

The only way to get noticed on TikTok is by using your content wisely. Everything else is the same. Your content is everything. 

Try doing different campaigns through your videos and challenge your audience. Make it simple to get more engagement. 

Tiktok videos


Who would have thought that VR can become a platform for video marketing? But wait, when you promote something on VR it’s not called video marketing. Its called “VR Marketing”.

VR marketing is all about content and how you represent it. That’s it. 

Suppose you have a snack company. You can make a video of a world full of snacks and the audience can see the world through VR. 

Suppose you have a car company. You make a video with a first-person view driving experience of your new car and people can experience it. 

This is how VR works. Use your technologies and make VR ads like this to give your audience the experience they desire. 


Youtube, the first platform to focus on video content. It has a lot of traffic and making a place for yourself will be hard but it’s okay because brands without competition is not a brand

As a brand make small videos for yourself. If you plan to make a long video make sure you add multiple topics and contents or else people will stop your video halfway.

Tell a story, make your content as relevant as possible to your audience and use SEO to deliver your videos to them. 

Focus on the quality of your content, focus on your audience and understand their needs, focus on the content and not on the watch time and if you find it hard to make new content then start following other content creators. 

Youtube Video Marketing

Use your video link and share them on other social platforms and blogs. Use them as backlinks to get more traffic. 

Make such contents where people would love to leave a comment, why? Because youtube videos with more comments rank the highest in the search link. Focus on your thumbnail, keywords, and description. These are very important to get engagement. 

How others are marketing their videos

You’re not the only one who is marketing their videos and there’s a lot to learn from others as well because everyone is full of different ideas. So let’s check how others are rolling their dice. 


These days social media is full of influencers. Everywhere you look you see people talking about random stuff. But amongst thousands of influencers, there are some specific people who are always under the spotlight. How did they do it?

Influencers are recording themselves and posting videos on social media. They have already captured enough crowd by talking about a specific topic and the best thing is they stick to that area. They keep on making video content related to that topic and add multiple examples and stories to keep people interested.

That’s how they make the content.

They know what their audience wants. In almost every video they ask their audience for feedback. They post on a daily basis and they continuously tell their audience what they’re doing. 

Influencers tend to inspire their audience and just because of that their audience keeps on coming and their value keeps on growing. 

Influencing plays a big role in Video Marketing

Once they grab them they start selling different merchandise of themselves or sponsor other companies on their videos to earn money. Influencers use their words to grab people and money at the same time and video marketing is the medium that delivers the words to the audience. 

That’s how influencers use social media and video marketing to grow


A video is an effective tool for companies. They use videos on different platforms to drive traffic to their website. 

What do they use in their videos?

They tell their brand story, showcase their products, compare their products with others, etc. 

They also run digital ad campaigns through video marketing to increase their sales. 

Company’s also educated their customers by showing them industry insights and product details through videos where they explain and talk about random things. 

If you talk about content, most of the time it depends on the brands. 

Some brands use sarcastic contents, some use insightful contents, some useful facts, and stats. 

Every company focuses on making the right content because once you have it they can market them wherever they want, whenever they want.

Are you using the medium properly?

Once you have the content and video ready you need the medium through where you can promote your service or products. 

We have already talked about the platforms where you can market your videos but wait I also said that the platform depends on your content. 

When it comes to video marketing always choose Facebook and YouTube with your eyes closed. These are the basics. 

If you own a brand that focuses on products then choose Instagram because Instagram is all about pictures. 

If you want to promote your campaigns then choose LinkedIn. LinkedIn is very useful for promoting campaigns.

Make videos where people will see that people are having a good time using your product or service. Market these videos on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. These platforms focus more on consumer activity.

Now let’s talk about VR. 

Suppose your brand has launched a new product to solve human problems or to make life easier. It can be a tech product or a natural product, it can also be a service, a device, a machine. It can be anything that people will love to explore. Make a VR content out of it. Give people the opportunity to explore your creativity. That’s how you engage with them.

The funny thing about medium is this. Video is already a medium to connect with the audience. Platforms are the medium for video marketing to deliver the content to the audience. 

Choose your medium wisely or else your perfect video marketing strategy will reach the wrong audience.

Represent you’re Brand through your videos

We have talked about this before. If you don’t make your content engaging enough then there’s no point in promoting them. If your videos are not engaging enough then it’s not representing your brand. 

Now, let’s talk about the perks on how you can represent your brand through commercial videos.

Coming up with a content

Use multiple contents that will be relevant to your customers. 

Suppose you own a bakery. You make a video where a group of friends is having a friendly conversation which has a box of biscuit of your brands. You show them how tasty and healthy your product is. That’s how content works. 

As a consumer, I would want to try out your product even for once and this is exactly what you want. 

Content is the main formula for engagement. Choosing content can be very simple yet very hard. It’s all up to you.

Make a good script

Prepare a script before making a video. Know what to say to your audience. A good amount of words are enough to deliver a long message to your audience.

Why a script is necessary? 

Have you ever launched a video and while seeing it on the internet you think “Oh, I could have added some more words”, “I shouldn’t have said that”, “I should have said this in another format” etc. These happen every time. 

Set your studio

Prepare a stage will all your equipment to prepare your video. Make sure you have all the right elements that you need to make a video.

Place everything in the right place, use your manpower to hold everything in the right place.

Use those lenses properly

I’m not talking about eye lens’s, I’m talking about camera lens. 

Make sure you capture the moments in the right angel. Don’t just put your camera on the front or top. It’s useless. Move your camera from one place to another. Make sure everyone is seeing your product in an informative way.

Camera angel is very important because a customer can left swipe your video just by seeing its angel.

One step at a time

Making an engaging video is never an easy task. You need to clear and set a lot of things at the same time. But the mistake most of the brands make is that they try to work on everything at the same time and the video gets ruined.

You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Be patient. Maintain a timeline to make your video. One step at a time. You can’t eat a burger in one bite. 

Choose your music

In case you aren’t planning to upload your video with the raw sounds in the background you need good music to keep everything together. 

You can find various music on YouTube, choose one from there. Don’t choose random music for your video. Your audience’s psychology relies on the music you choose. 

Your music can be soft, terrifying, encouraging, dynamic, etc. Choose the right music so your audience can keep up with the video.  

The voice says it all

What voice am I talking about?

I am talking about the voice that you are using behind the camera. When you inform or explain something to your audience you need to speak right? But is your voice tone clear to your audience?

Find someone who has a clear voice and knows how to express emotion through words. Hand over the script to them. Use their voice as a tool to connect with the audience. 

Make one Pillar Video, make Video Marketing easier than ever!

Have you ever heard of pillar video before? If not then congratulations you’re hearing about it now.

Pillar video is a piece of video content taken from a long video to synchronize the audience’s interest with the video.  Let me explain.

You have made a 2-hour long video and you know no one would see it. So what you do is you make several parts of that video and give them different names so your audience can identify its type and watch the part they want. 

When you do this it turns into a pillar video. You can add timestamps in a pillar video and upload them on Facebook or Youtube. 

How this would help?

In a normal video, your audience doesn’t know which part is about what but in a pillar video your audience knows which part to see. 

At the end of the day, you would want your audience to learn about your brand and its product. By making a pillar video your audience will know just that.

Try making a pillar video for yourself. 

Time to organize

You have your footage, you have your content, you have the voice as well as music now set them in the right position. 

Organizing video content is like solving puzzles. You just don’t understand where to put it. 

But it should be easy for you because you have already planned everything and done everything step by step.

Time to edit

Are you crazy? No one uploads a video without editing it. I repeat no one. Then why should you?

You have so many options and ways to edit that video you constantly worked on. Use effects, transactions, filters, shapes, etc. whatever you need. 

Organizing your video is also a part of editing. Did you know that? Give your intro and outro a new look. Make it look attractive. 


Confirmation is nothing. You just check if everything is in place or not. You re-check everything and show your team and take internal feedback. 

If your people say it’s okay then go for it. Publish the piece and hope for the best.

Is video marketing really necessary?

Definitely. Its 21st century why are you waiting for? If you haven’t started video marketing yet then you’re already falling behind by a large margin.

But how does it actually help? 

Let’s talk about the most important gainings of video marketing 

Product promotion

Every company uses video marketing to promote their product. What else will they do? 

People are way more likely to watch your video than read a long description or content. You can easily show how good your product is or how everyone can use it in a small video using bullet points.

You can show people benefits, facts, uses, design, features, etc of your product and that’s what the audience wants to see. 

User Engagement in Video Marketing

Like I said before, your customers love to see videos. The thumbnails you use, the effects you show in your video, the content you feature, the story you tell your audience. Every piece of information is engaging some of your audience. 

If you make a curious content then your audience will question you through the comment section. If you make funny content people will share them amongst friends and groups. 

That is how your users engage with you over time to time. 

User Review vs Video Contents

Before buying a product or using a service most people want to see a review of it. In the internet, everyone focuses on 2 types of reviews. Reviews over texts and reviews over a video. 

If you think it’s hard to choose which review to follow let me tell you some facts.

Text reviews rely on the choice of words the user makes. When you read a review you are only focusing on the words. Those words might be emotional or encouraging but they are only words. You don’t know how much truth or false emotions lies behind those texts. 

You can only read and feel but not see anything. And that’s a fact.

If I talk about watching a review through a video content I would say that I’m seeing the product, I’m hearing the review, I’m hearing the experience, I’m enjoying the background music. What else do I want? What else do you want?

I’m no one to tell you what you should do. Try out yourself. But I would highly recommend video content. 

Video marketing tips to boost your business

You might get to know all about video marketing after reading this post but we always end up searching for tips and tricks to do it in a better way. Trust me, everyone does this. You’re not the only one. 

So here are some tips for you to boost your business at the start.

#1 Story > Sales

If you’re focusing to boost your sales by video marketing then Stop Right There. 

Do you know that the brands who make more impact on society tend to focus on their audience needs and not on sales? You don’t get it, do you?

Focus on the story that you’re showing the audience. If they like it, it will connect your brand to the audience which will effectively increase your sales. 

#2 The first impression

The first impression that is created in a customer’s mind is based on 2 subjects. Your thumbnail and the first 4-7 seconds. 

Thumbnails are very important. A good thumbnail can attract thousands of people in one minute. So choose your thumbnail very wisely. Do edit it in a way to make your viewers curious. 

Try to showcase your core content in the first 7 seconds. If your audience doesn’t know what the video is all about then they won’t stay for long. 

That’s how the first impression works. You grab them by your first clutch. Don’t forget to make your content interesting later in the video. You wouldn’t want your audience to leave your video in the 15th second. 

#3 Optimize your video

The next thing you want to do to get more views is optimizing your video. Make your video SEO optimized.

Why make your videos SEO optimized?

By making your video marketing SEO optimized your video will come up on top when searched. So use those keywords wisely and optimize your video in the right way.

There you have it. Now you know everything about Video marketing. 

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